Friday, July 23, 2021

Rainfall Report - July 23, 2021 - Precipitation Report for All Scottsdale FCDMC Rain Stations

Precipitation Report for All Scottsdale FCDMC Rain Stations

24 Hours Precipitation Report for Scottsdale Ending July 23, 2021 at 6:48 AM MST.

Asher Hills: 0.71
Off Asher Dr. in McDowell Mtn. Park

Aztec Park: 0.28
Near Thunderbird at Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd.

Bartlett Lake: 0.31
Bartlett Lake Sheriff Sub-station

Camp Creek: 0.08
4 miles SE of Seven Springs Campground

Camp Cr. @ Bartlett Lake Rd: 0.24
2.6 mi. E of Cave Creek Rd. + Bartlett Lake Rd.

Carefree Ranch: 0.12
3.5 mi. NE of Skyranch Airport

El Dorado Park: 1.89
0.3 mi. N of McDowell Rd. on Miller Rd.

Fraesfield Mountain: 0.20
Near the alignments of Dixaleta Dr. and 128th St.

Granite Reef Wash 1.57
McDowell Rd. 200 yards east of Granite Reef Rd.

IBW @ Indian Bend Rd: 0.94
On Indian Bend Wash just S. of Indian Bend Rd.

IBW @ Indian School Rd: 2.54
Indian School Rd. at Hayden Road

IBW @ Interceptor Channel: 1.57
1/4 mi. SW of Pima Rd. + Indian Bend Rd.

IBW @ McKellips Rd: 0.87
On Indian Bend Wash 1/4 mi. South of McKellips

Jomax Rd. @ 70th St.: 0.63
1/4 mi. W of Jomax Rd. + Scottsdale Rd.

Lake Marguarite: 0.67
1/4 mi. West of Doubletree and Hayden

Lost Dog Wash: 0.91
1/2 mi. NNW of Shea Blvd. and 128th St.

McDowell Mountain Park: 0.24
In McDowell Mtn. Park, 4 mi. WSW of Rio Verde

Old Paint Wash: 0.12
1.25 mi. WNW of Carefree Hwy. + 136th St.

Osborn Rd. @ 64th St: 1.57
200 yards East of Osborn Rd. @ 64th St.

Pima Rd. @ Union Hills Dr: 0.51
1/4 mile West of Pima Rd. + Union Hills

Pinnacle Peak Powerline: 0.12
1.7 mi. ENE of Pima Rd. + Dynamite Blvd.

Pinnacle Peak Vista: 0.79
1/2 mile SSE of Deer Valley Rd. and Pima Rd.

Ranch Gate Road: 1.26
Ranch Gate Road @ 118th St.

Rawhide Wash: 0.35
1/3 mile west of Pima Rd. on Dynamite Blvd.

Rawhide Wash @ Pinnacle Peak Rd: 0.51
300 yds. E of Scottsdale Rd. on Pinnacle Peak Rd.

Reata Pass Dam: 0.35

1/2 mi. South of Dynamite Blvd. and 112th St.

Reata Pass Wash: 1.26
1.6 miles east of Pima Rd. on Pinnacle Peak Road

Stagecoach Wash Road: 0.12
On Pima Road about 1/2 mile south of Cave Creek Road

Thompson Peak: 0.28
On Thompson Peak, 120th St. and Bell Rd. alignments

Thunderbird Academy: 0.31
1/4 mi. ESE of Thunderbird Rd. and Scottsdale Rd


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