Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Rainfall Report - March 29, 2017 - Precipitation Report for All Scottsdale FCDMC Rain Stations

Flood Control District of Maricopa County
Precipitation Report for All Scottsdale FCDMC Rain Stations

24 Hours Precipitation Report for Scottsdale Ending March 29, 2017 at 10:48 AM MST.

Asher Hills: 0.00
Off Asher Dr. in McDowell Mtn. Park

Aztec Park: 0.00
Near Thunderbird at Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd.

Bartlett Lake: 0.00
Bartlett Lake Sheriff Sub-station

Camp Creek: 0.00
4 miles SE of Seven Springs Campground

Carefree Ranch: 0.00
3.5 mi. NE of Skyranch Airport

Fraesfield Mountain: 0.00
Near the alignments of Dixaleta Dr. and 128th St.

Granite Reef Wash 0.00
McDowell Rd. 200 yards east of Granite Reef Rd.

Highland Ave. @ 68th St: 0.00
1/4 mile N. of Highland and 68th Street

IBW @ Indian Bend Rd: 0.00
On Indian Bend Wash just S. of Indian Bend Rd.

IBW @ Indian School Rd: 0.00
Indian School Rd. at Hayden Road

IBW @ Interceptor Channel: 0.00
1/4 mi. SW of Pima Rd. & Indian Bend Rd.

IBW @ McKellips Rd: 0.00
On Indian Bend Wash 1/4 mi. South of McKellips

Lake Marguarite: 0.00
1/4 mi. West of Doubletree and Hayden

Lost Dog Wash: 0.00
1/2 mi. NNW of Shea Blvd. and 128th St.

McDowell Mountain Park: 0.00
In McDowell Mtn. Park, 4 mi. WSW of Rio Verde

Osborn Rd. @ 64th St: 0.00
200 yards East of Osborn Rd. @ 64th St.

Pima Rd. @ Jomax Rd: 0.00
1/8 mi. NW of Pima Rd. and Jomax Rd.

Pima Rd. @ Union Hills Dr: 0.00
1/4 mile West of Pima Rd. & Union Hills

Pinnacle Peak Vista: 0.00
1/2 mile SSE of Deer Valley Rd. and Pima Rd.

Rawhide Wash: 0.00
1/3 mile west of Pima Rd. on Dynamite Blvd.

Reata Pass Dam: 0.00
1/2 mi. South of Dynamite Blvd. and 112th St.

Reata Pass Wash: 0.00
1.6 miles east of Pima Rd. on Pinnacle Peak Road

Stagecoach Wash: 0.00
On Pima Road about 1/2 mile south of Cave Creek Road

Thompson Peak: 0.00
On Thompson Peak, 120th St. and Bell Rd. alignments

Thunderbird Academy: 0.00
1/4 mi. ESE of Thunderbird Rd. and Scottsdale Rd